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Custody, Time sharing and Child Support/ Custodia, visitas y manutencion

Any case involving your children can become highly contested and difficult on you, and your family. Mrs. Juarez Boyd has been representing parties in custody, time sharing and child support matters as long as she’s been in practice. While it is always preferred that parents come to an agreement regarding issues pertaining to their children if litigation is necessary then Mrs. Juarez Boyd is highly capable of presenting your matters and interests to the Court.

Divorce and Dissolution/ Divorcio y disolucion

A divorce or dissolution of partnership is one of the most emotionally difficult things anyone will go through. Mrs. Juarez Boyd can alleviate some of your stress while you’re going through this process. Mrs. Juarez Boyd represent you and your interests during this difficult time, including spousal support, property and debt division and custody, visitation and child support.

Sometimes a divorce or dissolution is the most appropriate course for a couple, and if you and your significant other are prepared for and agree on your divorce or dissolution then Mrs. Juarez Boyd can draft documents to help settle your matter quickly and amicably.

Domestic Violence/ Violencia Domestica

Mrs. Juarez Boyd spent two years representing victims of domestic violence at Enlace Comunitario, a local non-profit organization. At Enlace Esteli represented victims at Temporary Restraining Order extension hearings, assisting victims in securing long term restraining orders, and temporary domestic orders, to ensure their safety. Mrs. Juarez Boyd also represents alleged abusers. Domestic violence accusations can be extremely difficult on a family and everyone deserves good representation.
Mrs. Juarez Boyd is available for civil domestic violence proceedings as well as criminal domestic violence proceedings. It can be beneficial to you to have one lawyer representing you if you’re facing both civil and criminal proceedings.

Estate Planning

None of us are promised tomorrow and while this isn’t a subject anyone enjoys discussing, it is a reality. Mrs. Juarez Boyd does basic estate planning that includes; A last will and testament, a living will, a power of attorney for business matters, a power of attorney for health care matters, a cremation authorization and a nomination of guardian and conservator. These are basic documents that ensure your family, and you, are protected in case of an emergency.

Guardianship and Conservatorship/ Guardian ad Litem / Titula

Mrs. Juarez Boyd started her career as a contract attorney with New Mexico’s Office of Guardianship. Through the Office of Guardianship Mrs. Juarez Boyd gained experience as a petitioning attorney and as a Guardian ad Litem for people in New Mexico who are need of protection. Guardianship is always a last option for people who need assistance and Mrs. Juarez Boyd can discuss the other options available to your loved one if you feel Guardianship is necessary.


Mediation often works for parties who are close to a settlement. It can save time and money in the long run. Mrs. Juarez Boyd has been a court appointed mediator and she can help you, or your clients, attempt to mediate a settlement, and can do so in English and in Spanish.


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