Custody “Battles”

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November 28, 2012 by MujerRebelde

I found this article on the front page of Yahoo! today and made me think about how we characterize divorce and custody cases. We often forget two things; 1. At some point these two people loved each other, enough to get married, have kids and build a life together, 2. They still have to co-parent…forever. Anyone who has kids, or parents, knows that parenting doesn’t end at 18, these parents have to figure out holidays, graduations and grand-kids. They have an entire life ahead of them, even if they’re not together.

It is time we change our language around divorces and custody. I’m not advocating a change in the way we do our work but people have got to be present and intentional in building healthy co-parenting relationships, for their children. A wise woman once told me that being a parent isn’t hard you just don’t pay attention to yourself anymore. When parents chose to separate it is hardest on their children, they have to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about what is really best for their kids.


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